Cashmere Pashmina Shawls

Cashmere Pashmina Shawl is also known as Kashmiri Shawl / Kashmir Shawl. While the origin of shawls in the world can be traced back more than 700 years, it's not confirmed to say when and where and by whom the first shawl was made. The origins of shawl manufacture with the great figures of Kashmiri history Saint Sayed Ali Hamdani, the noble King Zain-Ul-Ahadin and introduction of pashmina in the market by Mirza Haidar in early 14th Century. We are one of the leading manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler of these cashmere pashmina shawls.

In todays world of fashion, cashmere shawls are the accessories which is must have for every wardrobe. Cashmere Shawls are the most treasured accessories by the ages of all fashion conscious women. We manufacture a wide range of cashmere shawls available in many prints and colors and supply them at wholesale prices. Cashmere Shawls are perfect accessories to complement any outfit. Any simple outfit can be made to look more vibrant with the use of cashmere shawls. These designer cashmere shawls are suitable in almost all the occasions. Our attractive cashmere shawls are usually color fast and easily washable. They are also free from snagging and breakup.

We are also involved in the exporting of cashmere shawls. Our cashmere shawls are woven out of pashmina, viscose, jamawar, jacquard, wool and acrylic. They are soft and smooth textured and are equally warm. Varieties of shawls available are: Pashmina Shawls, Cashmere Shawls and Hand Embroidered Kashmiri Shawls.

We manufacture and supply beautiful cashmere shawls for the contemporary woman. The cashmere pashmina shawls exhibit the superior craftsmanship and creative talents of our craftsmen. Offering optimum level of warmth and comfort, our exciting range of cashmere pashmina shawls comes in soothing color combinations. The use of superior fabric and yarn makes our shawl last long while the soft feel and exquisite designs give the cashmere pashmina shawl a distinctive look.

Woolgold manufactures and exports pure cashmere pashmina shawls. These cashmere pashmina shawls are 100% soft and luxurious and are available in dimensions 70 x 200 cms, 50 x 180 cms and 30 x 160 cms. They are available with a rich subtle diamond weave and can be dyed in absolutely any color. These cashmere pashmina shawls are elegant and cozy yet are surprisingly warm. Cashmere pashmina shawls can be characterized by its soft fibers and gives a very luxurious appeal. Creating a rage in the fashion industry, we have for our clients a wide spectrum of solid in Cashmere pashmina shawls. These cashmere shawls come in various vibrant and solid colors that are sure to be noticed by the individuals. Made from high quality pure Cashmere, these Cashmere shawls are warm and are also sure to complement any kind of dress.


Pure Cashmere Kani Handmade Shawls

SM-AP2-FB2 Shawl
50% Pashmina x 50% Silk, animal printed
70 x 200cms
Rabbit fur balls on 2 sides
Various animal prints available
Minimum Order Quantity: 12 Pieces
Port of Dispatch: Mumbai
Production Capacity: 1000pcs month
Delivery Time: 45-60 days
Packaging Details: SM-AP2-FB2 Shawl


Pashmina Shawls

50% pashmina x 50% Silk , 70 x 200cms
We also make 70% Pashmina x 30% Silk
we make these in many sizes as well !
can be made in ANY color
We sell this in high volumes in Europe & USA
Minimum Order Quantity: 50 Pieces

Port of Dispatch: Mumbai
Production Capacity: 2500pcs month
Delivery Time: 35 days
Packaging Details: Each pc well packed in individual poly bags
each pc with wash care labels/ tags

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